A simple IRC notifier
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bell - a simple IRC notifier
_bell_ [*-h* _host_] [*-u* _user_] [*-p* _pass_] [*-m* _matches_]++
[*-n* _nick_] [*-a* _app-token_] [*-t* _user-token_] [*-e* _exclude-channels_]++
[*-x* _exclude-users_] [_config_]
Bell is a simple IRC "bot" meant to be combined with a bouncer such as
pounce(1) or soju(1).
It makes use of the Pushover notification service to send notifications to a
mobile device when a specified search pattern is found in a message.
A valid Pushover account is required to use this program.
*-h* _host_, *host =* _host_
Set's host to connect to. This should probably be an IRC bouncer.
*-u* _user_, *user =* _host_
Username for bell to connect to <host> as. Defaults to -bell
*-p* _pass_, *pass =* _pass_
Password to authenticate to _<host>_ to.
Currently only supports plaintext.
*-m* _matches_, *match =* _matches_
A comman delimited list of words to search for in IRC messages that trigger
Currently, only plaintext exact matches are supported.
If none are specified, _<nick>_ is used.
*-n* _nick_, *nick =* _nick_
Nickname of IRC user. This is mostly relevant when *-m* or **
*-a* _app-token_, *app-token =* _app-token_
App token from Pushover to authenticate this app.
*-t* _user-token_, *user-token =* _user-token_
User token from Pushover to determine which user to send notifications to.
*-e* _exclude-channels_, *exclude-channels =* _exclude-channels_
A comma delimited list of channels to exclude from checking for _matches_
*-x* _exclude-users_, *exclude-users =* _exclude-users_
A comma delimited list of users to exclude from checking for _matches_
Maintained by Noah Pederson <noah@packetlost.dev>.
For more information about bell development, see