494 Commits (master)

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  Eric Radman b4f23816ca Reorganize file limit detection for each platform 1 week ago
  Eric Radman 0f5dcf1f3f 4.8 release 1 week ago
  Steven Hollett c8c0fb1359 Fix uninitialized variable: open_max 1 week ago
  Eric Radman 920689e965 Print control sequences instead of executing /bin/clear 2 weeks ago
  Eric Radman 8f224fb453 Set a maximum of 2^19 watches 3 weeks ago
  Eric Radman 65d07c1daf 4.7 release 1 month ago
  Eric Radman 72e777c872 More accurately return shell exit with '-s' option 1 month ago
  P M eccdfabc5b
Update available synopsis options in man page 1 month ago
  Eric Radman d2769ea712 Recommend 'sleep' instead of 'true' in while loops 2 months ago
  Eric Radman 15cf75cf96 Exit cleanly when receiving SIGHUP 3 months ago
  Eric Radman 1ee4655789 Handle SIGHUP so child process are terminated when a terminal is closed 3 months ago
  Eric Radman d39a266ddb Use relative link in README 4 months ago
  Eric Radman c564e6bdca Return the exit status of the child process when the '-z' option is used 4 months ago
  Eric Radman 3aec07d11d Drop 'env' make target 7 months ago
  Eric Radman ff727c0cfd Update notes for next release; minor formatting changes 8 months ago
  stevenhollett 489d9b1d99
Use original rlimit method on Linux when max_user_watches can't be read 8 months ago
  Eric Radman 004619dad5 Tag 4.6 release 8 months ago
  Eric Radman 230bb6de79 Add a system test for verifying that STDIN is not broken with '-r' 8 months ago
  Stephanie Wilde-Hobbs 7c89dfb2b4
Use a closed pipe for stdin with -r 8 months ago
  Christos Kontas e9db6972b2
Small fixes in `README` and `Makefile` (#39) 8 months ago
  Eric Radman 6b29d22774 Bump version, update NEWS 8 months ago
  Leonardo Taccari 30cc34d314
Always wait childs to avoid zombies (#38) 8 months ago
  Kevin Conner cccd9ca4f5
Clarify the purpose and use of the WSL / Docker for Mac inotify workaround 10 months ago
  Eric Radman 6b13a97d7a Tag 4.5 release 10 months ago
  Eric Radman 499c2e91be Print shell exit code for -zs 10 months ago
  Eric Radman 2741bd1784 Termination by 'q' or 'SIGINT' results in an exit status of 0 10 months ago
  Eric Radman 01fd94cde2 Skip test requiring 'nc -U' on Alpine 10 months ago
  Eric Radman 3699800a69 New '-z' "one-shot" option self-terminates after the utility exits 1 year ago
  Matti Paksula eadd72f11e
README: change all ls to find 1 year ago
  Lubomír Sedlář 336a83d84f Fix building with GCC 10 (#20) 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 94b50c8f05 Fix release date for 4.4, and bump to 4.5 1 year ago
  Eric Radman f88fffb2e0 4.4 release 1 year ago
  Eric Radman e158c367b6 Support broken inotify support by setting ENTR_INOTIFY_WORKAROUND 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 651c5736aa Document a means of blocking (one-shot process) 1 year ago
  Eric Radman aff5ad4d91 Add .gitignore 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 91cdfa0c9f Fixes for the entr.1 man page 1 year ago
  Eric Radman cfcf21edd2 Minor formatting changes documentation 1 year ago
  Eric Radman aa70197de2 Remove use of (void) function(); 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 97374424cd Use a single inotify queue on Linux 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 7169374cff Update conditions under which the shell exit code are printed 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 9e7bbe7694 Update conditions under which the shell exit code are printed 1 year ago
  Eric Radman e38e86f0f8 Document known problem/workaround for Docker on Mac 1 year ago
  Eric Radman f25931da3e Document use of $0 with -s flag 1 year ago
  Eric Radman a15a8ba557 Replace hg with git as a dependency for system-test.sh 1 year ago
  Eric Radman aadb34242c Remove License section from the README 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 52c099d2dc Migrate from hg to git 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 75d6bff05b Added tag entr-4.2 for changeset 6cd0927b54a6 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 4ba3711b0e 4.2 release 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 7cf13be5a6 Correctly report error when a file cannot be reopened 2 years ago
  Eric Radman 4ba89149ec Error messages direct users to http://eradman.com/entrproject/limits.html 2 years ago