15 Commits (master)

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  Eric Radman 1a952a2fc9 Use CPPFLAGS for settings that belong the C Preprocessor. Ports should be able to set CFLAGS without breaking the build 7 years ago
  Eric Radman f3f529123d Rename inotify compatibility file again: kqueue_inotify 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 1128978ca4 Renamed missing/kqueue.c to missing/kq-inotify.c 7 years ago
  Eric Radman facc3bd0f0 Remove use of setproctitle(3), no plans to implement this on Linux and MacOS 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 6cb426dc0c Removed setproctitle(3) compatibility code to avoid the 3-term BSD license and extra bloat. This functionality simply won't be available on MacOS or Linux. 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 3860bec3d3 Use setproctitle(3) to show PID of child while waiting for it to terminate 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 361eb8239f Define architecture in Makefile instead of testinf for __linux or __APPLE__. use strlcpy.c from OpenBSD 8 years ago
  Eric Radman c8c41ad811 Create separate source files for each missing system call. 8 years ago
  Eric Radman 52904b0a70 Only emulate fmemopen(3) on FreeBSD since it's available everywhere else / Move platform-specific includes to compat.h / Additional examples in README 8 years ago
  Eric Radman 06ededda3f For maximum portability don't set warnings and other options in CFLAGS. 8 years ago
  Eric Radman 314be4dec3 Optional build on GNU/Linux using external compatibility libraries libkqueue and 8 years ago
  Eric Radman 464aa5f94f Regression tests PASS on Linux! 8 years ago
  Eric Radman 12d05c1a94 Trial run at using a simplistic inotify-to-kueue notification layer instead of 8 years ago
  Eric Radman 256fed9b68 Use a simple configure script to put the right makefile in place. BSD is the default 8 years ago
  Eric Radman d9fcb30c7a - Separate makefile for Linux to make building easier 9 years ago