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  Lubomír Sedlář 336a83d84f Fix building with GCC 10 (#20) 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 3604b2b1fa Monitor inode changes 3 years ago
  Eric Radman 154cd376d8 Trigger run when file is made executable 5 years ago
  Eric Radman 0038477a0f Compare the contents of directories (not including dot-files) after a change. Exec utility if results fail to match after 0.5 seconds. 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 7e35c580de First cut at new directory-watch option ('-d'). 7 years ago
  Eric Radman ccf72c43d4 Rename struct watch_file_t to WatchFile. Coding standards discourage the use of names ending in _t. Mixed case is readable for this type. 8 years ago
  Eric Radman 12d05c1a94 Trial run at using a simplistic inotify-to-kueue notification layer instead of 8 years ago