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  Eric Radman 920689e965 Print control sequences instead of executing /bin/clear 2 months ago
  P M eccdfabc5b
Update available synopsis options in man page 3 months ago
  Eric Radman d2769ea712 Recommend 'sleep' instead of 'true' in while loops 4 months ago
  Eric Radman c564e6bdca Return the exit status of the child process when the '-z' option is used 6 months ago
  Eric Radman 2741bd1784 Termination by 'q' or 'SIGINT' results in an exit status of 0 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 01fd94cde2 Skip test requiring 'nc -U' on Alpine 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 3699800a69 New '-z' "one-shot" option self-terminates after the utility exits 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 651c5736aa Document a means of blocking (one-shot process) 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 91cdfa0c9f Fixes for the entr.1 man page 1 year ago
  Eric Radman cfcf21edd2 Minor formatting changes documentation 1 year ago
  Eric Radman 9e7bbe7694 Update conditions under which the shell exit code are printed 2 years ago
  Eric Radman f25931da3e Document use of $0 with -s flag 2 years ago
  Eric Radman 4ba3711b0e 4.2 release 2 years ago
  Eric Radman 4d6fc7c097 New '-a' option enables response to events that occur while the utility is running 2 years ago
  Eric Radman b7f2ba36ce Usage pledge(2) on OpenBSD 3 years ago
  Eric Radman 3604b2b1fa Monitor inode changes 3 years ago
  Eric Radman 84940e9c81 Document the similarity between standard mode and -r 3 years ago
  Vladimir Panteleev 6c1ec7830b Add -n option to enable non-interactive mode 3 years ago
  Eric Radman 03c24dced8 Note about TTY control when running a persistent process using '-r' 4 years ago
  Eric Radman 95b16c749b Update man page with example for running as a background task 4 years ago
  Eric Radman b822d8d95e Try to improve language the describes special argument /_ 4 years ago
  Eric Radman 4a30c56d25 'q' for quit, and add COMMANDS section to man page 4 years ago
  Eric Radman edfc839f78 3.7 release 4 years ago
  Eric Radman 1717b739e4 Add '-s' flag to evaluate commands under a shell 4 years ago
  Eric Radman d59f55ff44 Clarify substitution behavior for the argument '/_' 4 years ago
  Eric Radman c4ddf67d9b Straiten up warning messages and documentation 5 years ago
  Eric Radman 543bfecc75 Recommend using 'while true' in directory watch mode 5 years ago
  Eric Radman 87beaf7549 Drop FIFO support 6 years ago
  Eric Radman 3acf111efd Update description of the reload option 6 years ago
  Eric Radman 75a33b0d03 Execute the utility immediately after registering file watch events 6 years ago
  Christos Kontas bd387b1623 Fix permissions of entr.1 7 years ago
  Eric Radman ad1851d3d4 Sync README examples with the man page 7 years ago
  Eric Radman ce467de837 Man page highlights the flexibility of executing a commands (sh -c '...') 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 675e08e8ab Fixes to man pages based on warnings from igor(1) 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 2a9394038d Convert `until ( )` loop to `while sleep` as the canonical example for watching directories. Sync README examples with man page. 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 2b28f5c5f4 Allow -r and -d options to be combined; rework the man page and exit codes 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 0caa051de5 Reset signal handlers reset so that Ctrl+C works in a shell while loop 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 7e35c580de First cut at new directory-watch option ('-d'). 7 years ago
  Eric Radman ab3b821f53 Multiple events on the same file are merged on Linux to prevent duplicate writes to a named pipe 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 55904751b9 Execute /usr/bin/clear instead of just 'clear' to avoid depending on a PATH which could include NFS mountpoints 7 years ago
  Eric Radman fe45351538 Further editing of the NEWS file 7 years ago
  Eric Radman d00e0f15b6 Replace .Ar with .Fl for -c and -r flags 7 years ago
  Eric Radman e5e4c1370f Correct use of .Ar so that no descriptive text is formatted along with the argument 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 0e9f40ea77 Arrange content in man page using subsections 7 years ago
  Eric Radman b6e0b2d4e8 Add AUTHORS section to man page 7 years ago
  Eric Radman d5f378dbff Using the argument '/_' on the command line is now replaced with the first file that changed 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 1ace7e6ebb Added -c option to clear the screen before calling execvp() 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 30b03e573a Change command line option '{}' to '/_'. More discussion in Issue#11 7 years ago
  Eric Radman c7640c54c1 New feature: the first occurrence of '{}' on the command line will be replaced 7 years ago
  Eric Radman 604259063e Set PAGER to an absolute path; note the assignment of this variable in the man page 7 years ago