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**Note**: Before you take the time to open a pull request, please open a ticket first. This will
give us the chance to discuss any potential changes first.
## Add an entry to the changelog
If your contribution changes the behavior of `fd` (as opposed to a typo-fix
in the documentation), please update the [``]( file
and describe your changes. This makes the release process much easier and
therefore helps to get your changes into a new `fd` release faster.
The top of the `CHANGELOG` contains a *"unreleased"* section with a few
subsections (Features, Bugfixes, …). Please add your entry to the subsection
that best describes your change.
Entries follow this format:
- Short description of what has been changed, see #123 (@user)
Here, `#123` is the number of the original issue and/or your pull request.
Please replace `@user` by your GitHub username.
## Important links
* [Open issues](