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  Allen Wild 1a3615df9c set default path separator to '/' in MSYS 2 months ago
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  Chinmay 5feb89aa99 README update: Use soft link instead of alias for Debian. 2 months ago
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  David Peter 85fb7389af Shorter help text for `--exec` 2 months ago
  Archer Stéphane eb28030f87 include similar change to src/app.rs after feeback 3 months ago
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  Archer Stéphane 64bde11887 Try to clarify the documentation for -x command 3 months ago
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fix typo (#723) 2 months ago
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Move Installation and Development below Tutorial (#701) 4 months ago
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  sharkdp cadaef3f07 Show error if pattern matches leading dot but --hidden is not given, closes #615 4 months ago
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  sharkdp ecfd8cea41 Update --help text regarding pattern, closes #684 4 months ago
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  Marco Sirabella 6830b3dee9 Better defaults for LsColors 6 months ago
  Platon Pronko f3edaf0e4d add changelog entry for exact file sizes in --size filter 4 months ago
  Platon Pronko e97a1e90cb Add exact size support to the --size filter (#669) 4 months ago