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sharkdp 4274075f6f Remove outdated license headers (not strictly required by Apache-2.0) 1 year ago
sharkdp b9d0e72f70 Solve clippy issues 1 year ago
sharkdp 33df48ebe4 Remove claim about unique search results 1 year ago
sharkdp c9dc617711 Rename --list to --list-details 1 year ago
sharkdp da5cd12b24 Add `-l`/`--list` option 1 year ago
sharkdp 1714d416e2 Fix test on Windows 1 year ago
sharkdp d43827fe57 Add --max-results=<count> option 1 year ago
David Peter ee673c92d3
Added changes for upcoming release 1 year ago
David Peter decd7f2ea3
Update CHANGELOG.md 1 year ago
David Peter f3e1ea150c
Add CHANGELOG 1 year ago
spearkkk 12bd321a27 Add link for Korean 1 year ago
sharkdp 5fc341832d Update lscolors dependency, closes #552 1 year ago
sharkdp dd07bc9ef1 Bump min. required Rust version to 1.36 1 year ago
sharkdp 2340bab32a Update README 1 year ago
sharkdp 4a237c591e Update humantime dependency 1 year ago
sharkdp 44605d55dd Use .to_string() instead of .description() 1 year ago
sharkdp e5e14f31c4 Bump version to 7.5.0 1 year ago
sharkdp f69b59195a Update dependencies, closes #437 1 year ago
David Peter 9c9bb12f23
Update README.md 1 year ago
Dave Parfitt 70448b0006 honor the NO_COLOR env var 1 year ago
sharkdp fc924d2e0a Remove custom .github folder 1 year ago
Caleb Webber cab4981b11
Add --one-file-system and aliases to man page (#548) 1 year ago
sharkdp 104600e642 Update links 1 year ago
Adam Smith 3c6fab3439 Fix homebrew formula link 1 year ago
sharkdp d05e7171d4 Fix for older versions of Rust 1 year ago
sharkdp 81dee25438 Add additional check for symlink 1 year ago
sharkdp bbf0f1cc1f New implementation of broken-symlink handling 1 year ago
sharkdp bfc8c42444 Revert back to master state 1 year ago
sharkdp 918dfc6ef0 Add expected behavior as unit tests 1 year ago
sharkdp d6034119ae Add comment for broken symlinks 1 year ago
sharkdp 82e6562cfc Further simplify the code 1 year ago
sharkdp 8cea65c1b8 Simplify match statement 1 year ago
Tom Milligan 9d73402ef2 walk: catch ignore NotFound error in the case of a broken symlink 2 years ago
Tom Milligan 06434f229b test: we should find broken symlink with and without --follow 2 years ago
fusillicode 0f2429cabc Add unit tests for merge_exitcodes 1 year ago
fusillicode 232e3937f2 Rename error_if_any_error to merge_exitcodes 1 year ago
fusillicode e23398e6d0 Extract error_if_any_error as free function 1 year ago
fusillicode a5fe138a25 Extract ExitCode::is_error helper 1 year ago
fusillicode b23cfc383f Switch back from Self to ExitCode 1 year ago
fusillicode e46998278a Fix typo in a job.rs comment 1 year ago
fusillicode 7213f5a88e Add collection of job & thread exit codes + default to ExitCode::Error if any ExitCode::Error 1 year ago
fusillicode fa7d49282b Restun exit code for generate_and_execute? 1 year ago
sharkdp 2f18903b29 Fix zsh autocompletion problem, closes #487 1 year ago
sharkdp b63e43b40f Remove .snapcraft.yaml. This never worked. 1 year ago
Shun Sakai 56289041a6 Fix LICENSE 1 year ago
David Peter 8196f79fa4
Show `master` build state 1 year ago
MarcoIeni 320d7fca0a Sort search results when using -X option 1 year ago
sharkdp f7d1938556 Formatting 1 year ago
sharkdp 328c6640be Formatting 1 year ago
sharkdp c001dd47a7 Hide --one-file-system from the short help text 1 year ago