21 Commits (4274075f6f4976329e42f8a63f17effc8a37e5c6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
sharkdp 4274075f6f Remove outdated license headers (not strictly required by Apache-2.0) 1 year ago
sharkdp d43827fe57 Add --max-results=<count> option 1 year ago
Tom Milligan 06434f229b test: we should find broken symlink with and without --follow 2 years ago
Tim Holland 074cfad3d4 Remove deprecated trim_left(_matches)? 2 years ago
Alexandru Macovei 051ff5987a [2018 edition] remove all extern crate lines from sources 2 years ago
kimsnj 6b40a075cd exec-batch: fix a panic with -X "echo {}" and pass stdio to child cmd 3 years ago
kimsnj 45d1b15cff Add support for batch execution of command 3 years ago
sharkdp 27caa33729 cargo fmt 3 years ago
sharkdp c428f52209 Run cargo fmt 3 years ago
sharkdp 59c9901cde Update dependencies, fix #313 3 years ago
sharkdp c1ef68662c Update for new rustfmt 3 years ago
sharkdp b4be1f161c Add support for .fdignore files 3 years ago
sharkdp a5f5ad6254 Re-enable code style check 4 years ago
Dock 51aea57a6a Add multiple path support (#182) 4 years ago
ptzz 9bd1d12c00 Add --no-ignore-vcs option 4 years ago
J.W d702d849ea Test --exec on Unix 4 years ago
Antti Keränen 701b8f209b Relicense under MIT/Apache-2.0 4 years ago
J.W 8d85debc12 Refactor path handling (fixes #113) 4 years ago
Antti Keränen 049b9ec06b Format the source code using `rustfmt` 4 years ago
David Peter 4731dc670c Enhanced Windows support, see #70 4 years ago
Matthias Reitinger 6f22957cdc Re-write integration tests in Rust (#67) 4 years ago