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Contributing to fd

Thank you very much for considering to contribute to this project!

We welcome any form of contribution:

  • New issues (feature requests, bug reports, questions, ideas, ...)
  • Pull requests (documentation improvements, code improvements, new features, ...)

Note: Before you take the time to open a pull request, please open a ticket first. This will give us the chance to discuss any potential changes first.

Add an entry to the changelog

If your contribution changes the behavior of fd (as opposed to a typo-fix in the documentation), please update the file and describe your changes. This makes the release process much easier and therefore helps to get your changes into a new fd release faster.

The top of the CHANGELOG contains a "unreleased" section with a few subsections (Features, Bugfixes, …). Please add your entry to the subsection that best describes your change.

Entries follow this format:

- Short description of what has been changed, see #123 (@user)

Here, #123 is the number of the original issue and/or your pull request. Please replace @user by your GitHub username.