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use super::CommandTemplate;
use crate::exit_codes::{merge_exitcodes, ExitCode};
use crate::walk::WorkerResult;
use std::path::PathBuf;
use std::sync::mpsc::Receiver;
use std::sync::{Arc, Mutex};
/// An event loop that listens for inputs from the `rx` receiver. Each received input will
/// generate a command with the supplied command template. The generated command will then
/// be executed, and this process will continue until the receiver's sender has closed.
pub fn job(
rx: Arc<Mutex<Receiver<WorkerResult>>>,
cmd: Arc<CommandTemplate>,
out_perm: Arc<Mutex<()>>,
show_filesystem_errors: bool,
) -> ExitCode {
let mut results: Vec<ExitCode> = Vec::new();
loop {
// Create a lock on the shared receiver for this thread.
let lock = rx.lock().unwrap();
// Obtain the next result from the receiver, else if the channel
// has closed, exit from the loop
let value: PathBuf = match lock.recv() {
Ok(WorkerResult::Entry(val)) => val,
Ok(WorkerResult::Error(err)) => {
if show_filesystem_errors {
print_error!("{}", err);
Err(_) => break,
// Drop the lock so that other threads can read from the receiver.
// Generate a command, execute it and store its exit code.
results.push(cmd.generate_and_execute(&value, Arc::clone(&out_perm)))
// Returns error in case of any error.
pub fn batch(
rx: Receiver<WorkerResult>,
cmd: &CommandTemplate,
show_filesystem_errors: bool,
) -> ExitCode {
let paths = rx.iter().filter_map(|value| match value {
WorkerResult::Entry(val) => Some(val),
WorkerResult::Error(err) => {
if show_filesystem_errors {
print_error!("{}", err);