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use std::{path::PathBuf, sync::Arc, time::Duration};
use lscolors::LsColors;
use regex::bytes::RegexSet;
use crate::exec::CommandTemplate;
use crate::filetypes::FileTypes;
use crate::filter::OwnerFilter;
use crate::filter::{SizeFilter, TimeFilter};
/// Configuration options for *fd*.
pub struct Options {
/// Whether the search is case-sensitive or case-insensitive.
pub case_sensitive: bool,
/// Whether to search within the full file path or just the base name (filename or directory
/// name).
pub search_full_path: bool,
/// Whether to ignore hidden files and directories (or not).
pub ignore_hidden: bool,
/// Whether to respect `.fdignore` files or not.
pub read_fdignore: bool,
/// Whether to respect VCS ignore files (`.gitignore`, ..) or not.
pub read_vcsignore: bool,
/// Whether to respect the global ignore file or not.
pub read_global_ignore: bool,
/// Whether to follow symlinks or not.
pub follow_links: bool,
/// Whether to limit the search to starting file system or not.
pub one_file_system: bool,
/// Whether elements of output should be separated by a null character
pub null_separator: bool,
/// The maximum search depth, or `None` if no maximum search depth should be set.
/// A depth of `1` includes all files under the current directory, a depth of `2` also includes
/// all files under subdirectories of the current directory, etc.
pub max_depth: Option<usize>,
/// The minimum depth for reported entries, or `None`.
pub min_depth: Option<usize>,
/// Whether to stop traversing into matching directories.
pub prune: bool,
/// The number of threads to use.
pub threads: usize,
/// Time to buffer results internally before streaming to the console. This is useful to
/// provide a sorted output, in case the total execution time is shorter than
/// `max_buffer_time`.
pub max_buffer_time: Option<Duration>,
/// `None` if the output should not be colorized. Otherwise, a `LsColors` instance that defines
/// how to style different filetypes.
pub ls_colors: Option<LsColors>,
/// Whether or not we are writing to an interactive terminal
pub interactive_terminal: bool,
/// The type of file to search for. If set to `None`, all file types are displayed. If
/// set to `Some(..)`, only the types that are specified are shown.
pub file_types: Option<FileTypes>,
/// The extension to search for. Only entries matching the extension will be included.
/// The value (if present) will be a lowercase string without leading dots.
pub extensions: Option<RegexSet>,
/// If a value is supplied, each item found will be used to generate and execute commands.
pub command: Option<Arc<CommandTemplate>>,
/// A list of glob patterns that should be excluded from the search.
pub exclude_patterns: Vec<String>,
/// A list of custom ignore files.
pub ignore_files: Vec<PathBuf>,
/// The given constraints on the size of returned files
pub size_constraints: Vec<SizeFilter>,
/// Constraints on last modification time of files
pub time_constraints: Vec<TimeFilter>,
/// User/group ownership constraint
pub owner_constraint: Option<OwnerFilter>,
/// Whether or not to display filesystem errors
pub show_filesystem_errors: bool,
/// The separator used to print file paths.
pub path_separator: Option<String>,
/// The maximum number of search results
pub max_results: Option<usize>,