goalpost is an embeddable, durable worker queue for golang
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package goalpost
import (
//JobStatus is a enumerated int representing the processing status of a Job
type JobStatus int
// JobStatus types
const (
Ack JobStatus = iota + 1
//Job wraps arbitrary data for processing
type Job struct {
Status JobStatus
//Unique identifier for a Job
ID uint64
//Data contains the bytes that were pushed using Queue.PushBytes()
Data []byte
//RetryCount is the number of times the job has been retried
//If your work can have a temporary failure state, it is recommended
//that you check retry count and return a fatal error after a certain
//number of retries
RetryCount int
//Message is primarily used for debugging. It conatains status info
//about what was last done with the job.
Message string
//DecodeJob decodes a gob encoded byte array into a Job struct and returns a pointer to it
func DecodeJob(b []byte) *Job {
//TODO: this should return an error in the event decoder.Decode returns an err
buffer := bytes.NewReader(b)
decoder := gob.NewDecoder(buffer)
job := Job{}
return &job
//Bytes returns a gob encoded byte array representation of *j
func (j *Job) Bytes() []byte {
buffer := &bytes.Buffer{}
encoder := gob.NewEncoder(buffer)
return buffer.Bytes()
//RecoverableWorkerError defines an error that a worker DoWork func
//can return that indicates the message should be retried
type RecoverableWorkerError struct {
message string
func (e RecoverableWorkerError) Error() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("Worker encountered a temporary error: %s", e.message)
//NewRecoverableWorkerError creates a new RecoverableWorkerError
func NewRecoverableWorkerError(message string) RecoverableWorkerError {
return RecoverableWorkerError{message}