17742 Commits (master)

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  Thomas Vigouroux d19348923e
Merge pull request #14364 from mhinz/gitignore-vim-src 11 hours ago
  Raymond W. Ko e915ec47f3
tests/functional: delete temp file created during test run (#14363) 14 hours ago
  Björn Linse 3b01e37d09
Merge pull request #14358 from bfredl/decodeco 15 hours ago
  Michael Lingelbach 9471b15936
Merge pull request #14366 from mfussenegger/text-document-version-zero 18 hours ago
  Mathias Fussenegger 046991e4d5 lsp: Remove vim.NIL handling from apply_text_document_edit 19 hours ago
  Mathias Fussenegger b67f689e4c lsp: Accept text document edits with version zero 19 hours ago
  Aru Sahni d9c7adc64c
doc: prefer "python -m pip" (#14353) 20 hours ago
  Sean Dewar 6ab4c8f955
doc: port prompt-buffer section (#14342) 20 hours ago
  Marco Hinz 57220e7cc3
gitignore: handle case where .vim-src is a symlink 20 hours ago
  Björn Linse 7b488314d0 decoration: Clean up duplicate Decoration attributes + bonus hl_eol flag 2 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach cd3e74201a
lsp: fix _make_floating_popup_size when wrap_at is nil (#14359) 1 day ago
  Thomas Vigouroux e652b2987a
Merge pull request #14046 from nvim-treesitter/feature/language-tree-directive-config 1 day ago
  Marco Hinz 6b16ec701e
lsp: fix off-by-one in line diagnostic highlighting 2 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach 391fe1064e
Merge pull request #14119 from mfussenegger/lsp-debounce 2 days ago
  Marco Hinz 2001ba2c6a
Merge pull request #14324 from mhinz/lsp-border-float-placement 2 days ago
  Mathias Fussenegger 720c6353b5 lsp: Add a flag to debounce didChange notifications 1 month ago
  Björn Linse c9817603cf
Merge pull request #14318 from chentau/extmark_luado 2 days ago
  Marco Hinz ef3f05c432
tutor: force one sign per line (#14352) 2 days ago
  Marco Hinz 4a36ec6da0
float: add "solid" border style (#14310) 3 days ago
  chentau ff43d9597e extmark: splice extmarks on :luado 1 week ago
  Marco Hinz 3831825167
lsp: correct float placement when using borders 3 days ago
  Marco Hinz a215adabc1
lsp: make sure borders are always inside of the screen 7 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 3893027200
Merge pull request #14337 from janlazo/vim-8.2.0409 4 days ago
  James McCoy 9b77a2bf60
Merge pull request #14343 from jamessan/doc-fix 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo fa9e5ab0ea
test/old: ':execute' does not suppress range error 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 4ff70cc58b
vim-patch:8.1.2416: loading menus sets v:errmsg 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 750f2b686b
vim-patch:8.1.1841: no test for Ex shift commands 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo d2a9b29e1b
vim-patch:8.2.1920: listlbr test fails when run after another test 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo a0d3461bf8
vim-patch:8.2.2050: search test contains unneeded sleeps 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 20e5cb151b
vim-patch:8.2.0409: search test leaves file behind 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo fd908ded50
Merge pull request #14339 from janlazo/vim-8.2.0044 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo b2971ebeed
vim-patch:8.2.2319: "exptype_T" can be read as "expected type" 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo ca214311d2
vim-patch:8.2.0069: ETYPE_ is used for two different enums 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo de16fbcc57
vim-patch:8.2.0045: script test fails 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 53cbfd0220
vim-patch:8.2.0044: expression type is used inconsistently 6 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach 2e156a3b7d
Merge pull request #14340 from mjlbach/fix_clangd_nix 5 days ago
  James McCoy 9699f3be10
fix(doc): Add '/site' to stdpath('data') example in `:help 'rtp'` 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 062c64e24c
test/ui/cmdline: set notimeout to remove indeterminism (#14338) 5 days ago
  Björn Linse 6435b46b48
Merge pull request #14317 from chentau/extmark_sub 5 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach f695457f81 contrib: add clang-tools to nix flake 5 days ago
  Christian Clason 1b030f889c
doc: advertise nanotee/nvim-lua-guide (#14332) [skip ci] 6 days ago
  James McCoy e3d0fb0d3c
Merge pull request #14321 from jamessan/ci-fixes 6 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 8a1a256b44
Merge pull request #14326 from janlazo/vim-8.2.0623 6 days ago
  chentau 343ee2d254 extmark: correct extmark_splice call with inccommand 1 week ago
  bphilly96 82ac44d01f
vim-patch:8.2.2737: status line not updated when local 'statusline' option set (#14325) 6 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo b35daa986f
vim-patch:8.2.2738: extending a list with itself can give wrong result 6 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo cfeaea0d3e
vim-patch:8.2.1822: list test doesn't fail 7 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 0d0eeff8a3
eval: add v:_null_string 6 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo ec273a2c6b
vim-patch:8.2.0623: typo in test comment 7 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo ed3c0a27c7
Merge pull request #14314 from janlazo/vim-8.2.2720 1 week ago