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  Björn Linse d68026c9ed
Merge pull request #13673 from notomo/add-nvim-echo 21 hours ago
  notomo 8e86f5e460 api: nvim_echo 1 week ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 1785ac3e37
Merge pull request #13794 from nvim-treesitter/fix-languagetree-contains 1 day ago
  Steven Sojka ed558e269a fix(languagetree): use tree nodes instead of regions in contains 2 days ago
  Thomas Vigouroux d9c1586e4a
Merge pull request #13765 from jvgrootveld/ts-default-start-end-row-on-capture 1 day ago
  Michael Lingelbach d6d4e3d1ae
lsp: remove duplicate settings validation (#13789) 2 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach f9b3110549
lsp: validate and document server settings (#13698) 2 days ago
  Mathias Fußenegger 3f63100d5b
LSP: Fix nil settings handling in workspace/configuration (#13708) 2 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 51936126d3
Merge pull request #13767 from srafi1/rm-restricted-mode-docs 3 days ago
  Maltimore 4d1e7e5b12
Update nvim.appdata.xml to reflect version 0.4.4 (#13754) 3 days ago
  Chris Kipp 1a4d380b5a
LSP: Add in clientInfo to initalize_params. (#13757) 3 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach 6d659bb338
lsp: add client/registerCapability handler (#13780) 3 days ago
  Linda_pp 41eea59dcf
doc: Add link to Homebrew formula in README (#13782) 3 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach 61437c20b5
api: add vim.version (#13762) 3 days ago
  “jvgrootveld” 9bed991cfb treesitter: Fix linter warning and add helper function to remove duplicated logic 3 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 702208daa6
Merge pull request #13775 from janlazo/vim-8.2.2353 3 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 7cced24e93
vim-patch:8.2.2368: insufficient tests for setting options 3 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 78620dbd28
ci(GHA): install perl on osx 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 402f2bda13
vim-patch:8.2.2361: Vim9: no highlight for "s///gc" when using 'opfunc' 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 6a01b3fcc3
vim-patch:8.2.2366: when using ":sleep" the cursor is always displayed 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo abcd982bf0
vim-patch:8.2.2360: test leaves file behind 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 562877c135
vim-patch:8.2.2355: stray test failure on Appveyor 4 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 7befdb3419
vim-patch:8.2.2353: spartql files are not detected 4 days ago
  James McCoy 0f2d37f11f
Merge pull request #13774 from mjlbach/log_warn_cache 4 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach 640febaca7 log.c: warn instead of error on failed stdpath('cache') creation 4 days ago
  Michael Lingelbach abbfaf286f
logs: make kXDGCacheHome if it doesn't exist (#13758) 4 days ago
  srafi1 8bbf1e2e3c remove -Z line translations 5 days ago
  srafi1 1f49adc085 remove -Z entry from --help 5 days ago
  “jvgrootveld” a2818819bb treesitter: default start and end row when omitted 5 days ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo 0fad952a2b
Merge pull request #13750 from janlazo/vim-8.2.2329 6 days ago
  Thomas Vigouroux 2390a0d3c4
Merge pull request #13752 from vigoux/ts-buffer-always-curbuf 1 week ago
  Thomas Vigouroux acf6ed5541
fix(treesitter): use source() method on attach 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo d953614e72
vim-patch:8.2.2334: Pascal-like filetypes not always detected 1 week ago
  Michael Lingelbach ea8756f85d
logging: move to XDG_CACHE_HOME (#13739) 1 week ago
  Jan Edmund Lazo bd02e29443
vim-patch:8.2.2329: not all ways Vim can be started are tested 1 week ago
  Michael Lingelbach 77a6049e07
lsp: fix on_attach signature documentation (#13723) 1 week ago
  Michael Lingelbach 953a548454
lsp: remove references to LspInstall (#13738) 1 week ago
  TJ DeVries 9f3b2a757b
lsp: Add severity_limit for other diagnostics features (#13528) 1 week ago
  TJ DeVries e0a4399adc
fix(lsp): Allow subsequent text document edits to pass (#13534) 1 week ago
  James McCoy 0c0c3ee330
Merge pull request #13735 from jamessan/brew-failures 1 week ago
  James McCoy ad43f789e7
Merge pull request #13439 from shade-of-noon/man-iskeyword 1 week ago
  James McCoy 6d67cf8647
ci(gha): brew unlink gcc@8/@9 to fix upgrade issues 1 week ago
  James McCoy 0f03b3f3aa
ci(gha): brew upgrade before installing 1 week ago
  James McCoy 0af5a56e47
Merge pull request #13733 from jupblb/patch-release-2 1 week ago
  ffanzhang 0860d9c164
Use uv_os_homedir and current directory as backup when $HOME is not set (#13657) 1 week ago
  Michał Kiełbowicz 3d41ce90df
Do not delete the nightly release 1 week ago
  Matthieu Coudron 635930dcd7
Merge pull request #13704 from teto/fix-fold-list 1 week ago
  Dimitar Apostolov b535575acd
runtime/elm: acc2240640 (#13718) 1 week ago
  Matthieu Coudron 87afc90317 screen.c: fix an issue with wrap and folds 1 week ago
  Matthieu Coudron fe1ebea339
Merge pull request #13689 from janlazo/vim-8.2.0050 2 weeks ago