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Updates readme with new command

Noah Pederson 4 weeks ago
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@ -52,7 +52,8 @@ Most operations are executed in normal mode
7. `gzu` goes back after editing another zettel type.
- `gzu` repeatedly will cycle between the two last visited zettels.
9. `gzU` goes back multiple times in the history of visited zettels (and `gzP` will go forward).
10. `gzn` creates a new blank zettel
10. `gzn` creates a new blank zettel buffer, inserts the id into the current buffer under the cursor, and edits the new zettel buffer
11. `gzc` creates a new blank zettel buffer and opens it
11. `gzN` creates a new zettel using the current word under the cursor as its title.
- if you're in visual selection mode `gzN` will instead use the selected text (only the first line if there are more than one selected). This will replace the selected text or current word with a link to the newly-created zettel.
12. `gzs` works like `gzz`, but instead it searches the content of the zettels, not only the title. For this it calls the external command `ag`.