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  Noah Pederson 675ea7db75 Don't use old folgezettel syntax 6 days ago
  Noah Pederson e0e9c009cd Don't replace words when editting a new zettel 6 days ago
  Noah Pederson 19f1e5ea86 Update maintainer and name 6 days ago
  Noah Pederson d4ba9c6c7b Update readme 1 week ago
  Noah Pederson 2bcd4db247 Fixes backlinks in vim8 3 weeks ago
  Noah Pederson 03018db31b Don't trigger refresh on plugin load 3 weeks ago
  Noah Pederson 25b1c060e7 Reformat to use tabs instead of spaces 3 weeks ago
  Noah Pederson ed7d161519 Add support for neuron v2 format 3 weeks ago
  Noah Pederson f78da12270 Move ftdetect to ftplugin and rename script 3 weeks ago
  Noah Pederson 0b8c751ffd WIP: fix for neuron v2 query format 1 month ago
  Michael Welford 0b820b2191 Add in hierarchical tags to listing. 2 months ago
  Michael Welford 5cdf95ea10 Fix scope on neuron_extension. 2 months ago
  Michael Welford 853fbe273f Check for buffer in new zettel. 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 0e64c2f572
Merge pull request #51 from beandipper/master 3 months ago
  beandipper 26a85b7f3c Move global references to neuron_dir to buffer local reference 3 months ago
  unknown 22d333d5dc Define neuron_dir so that it is available for nix installs 3 months ago
  Michael Welford ccaf20fdd0 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:fiatjaf/neuron.vim into master 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 26575c8b5f Check for type of link when caching. 3 months ago
  Lorenz Bischof 3015bbb2eb Set search directory in content search 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 410ed28185 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:fiatjaf/neuron.vim into master 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 32ba298b12 Add in debug var. 3 months ago
  fiatjaf 03952284ed Revert "Also use --exact in normal search" 3 months ago
  Lorenz Bischof 53bfaa8e3e Also use --exact in normal search 3 months ago
  Lorenz Bischof 58c79bcb19 Enable preview and exact matching in content search 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 1f0d334aae Merge branch 'master' of github.com:fiatjaf/neuron.vim into master 3 months ago
  Michael Welford b61203a7f2 Update backlink extraction. 3 months ago
  Will Badart 3ff2635999 Note nix installation option in README.md 3 months ago
  Michael Welford c62b5daa9b Fix building of cache when opening file from other dir. 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 5ca7db0a4d Extract tmp filename into var. 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 1d8307b766 Fix tag updating. 3 months ago
  Michael Welford d0ea9055d4 Merge branch 'tag-support' into master 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 3805f9f1d0 Add in insert mode completion, update README. 3 months ago
  fiatjaf 1b057abd9b improve README grammar. 3 months ago
  H ed8d79ba88 shorten Instructions for usage 4 months ago
  Paul Tan 3cbbb24128 Fix autocmd filename escape on Linux 3 months ago
  Michael Welford 2b4321bf12
Merge pull request #34 from fiatjaf/tag-support 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 430424248c Tidy up, add in tag search. 4 months ago
  Michael Welford aa49a3c13f Add in mappings to docs re tags. 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 981c811d40 Update docs re tags. 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 453dbd2959 Redo tags with tag parsing. 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 167a155129 Merge branch 'master' into tag-support 4 months ago
  Michael Welford b66d20a5ae
Merge pull request #33 from fiatjaf/fix-exception-error 4 months ago
  Michael Welford a5c30367a5 Remove debugging statement. 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 921503db98 Wrap adding backlink in has_key check. 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 50f54c40b4 Fix missing refresh cache param. 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 5bec5098cc
Merge pull request #31 from fiatjaf/remove-rib 4 months ago
  Michael Welford c64c411062 Remove rib references. 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 53fc057da9
Merge pull request #27 from fenetikm/master 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 20d9fca6f1
Merge pull request #29 from fenetikm/tag-support 4 months ago
  Michael Welford 4d73e4187b Remove more tag bits and pieces. 4 months ago