A (neo)vim plugin for Neuron
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Manage your Zettelkasten with the help of neuron in {n}vim.




Using vim-plug

Plug 'junegunn/fzf.vim'
Plug 'BurntSushi/ripgrep'
Plug 'ihsanturk/neuron.vim'

If you want to use the dev branch to test the new features:

Plug 'ihsanturk/neuron.vim', { 'branch': 'dev' }

Default Mappings

nm gzn <Plug>EditZettelNew
nm gzb <Plug>NeuronRibStart
nm gzu <Plug>EditZettelLast
nm gzl <Plug>InsertZettelLast
nm gzz <Plug>EditZettelSelect
nm gzi <Plug>InsertZettelSelect
nm gzr <Plug>NeuronRefreshCache
nm gzo <Plug>EditZettelUnderCursor

You can disable the mappings with letting the g:neuron_no_mappings variable to 1:

let g:neuron_no_mappings = 1

There is no mapping for :NeuronRibStop you can stop the server by

  • typing this command in ex mode or
  • leaving the vim session (vim will stop the process automatically)


  • Bitcoin: 1JmTyije6qxKLRWLyKeUk7DhbUTU9RMBPu
  • USDT: 0xd6af1842c4a1a56ee3494deea57bcbae44af02a9
  • Ethereum: 0xf32A82328fF44009E7419A15E22aCE1A3553aD56