A (neo)vim plugin for Neuron
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Manage your Zettelkasten with the help of neuron in {n}vim.




Using vim-plug

Plug 'junegunn/fzf.vim'
Plug 'BurntSushi/ripgrep'
Plug 'ihsanturk/neuron.vim'

If you want to use the dev branch to test the new features:

Plug 'ihsanturk/neuron.vim', { 'branch': 'dev' }

Default Mappings

nm gzn <Plug>EditZettelNew
nm gzb <Plug>NeuronRibStart
nm gzu <Plug>EditZettelLast
nm gzl <Plug>InsertZettelLast
nm gzz <Plug>EditZettelSelect
nm gzi <Plug>InsertZettelSelect
nm gzr <Plug>NeuronRefreshCache
nm gzo <Plug>EditZettelUnderCursor

You can disable the mappings with letting the g:neuron_no_mappings variable to 1:

let g:neuron_no_mappings = 1

Caveats, Gotchas and Further Explanation

The "virtual titles" displayed alongside the zettel IDs in the screenshot above will only work if using neovim. Standard vim does not support this.

There is no mapping for :NeuronRibStop you can stop the server by:

  • typing the :NeuronRibStop command in ex mode or
  • leaving the vim session (vim will stop the process automatically)

Common actions and their default mappings:

  • To search zettels by title: gzz (entering the "select a zettel to edit" UI is synonymous with search.)
  • Create a new zettel with a random ID filename and open it for editing: gzn
  • Search for a zettel to insert as a link at the current cursor position: gzi
  • Add a link at the cursor position to the last zettel viewed: gzl
  • Go back to edit the last zettel viewed: gzu

Note: The last three mappings work nicely together as a workflow for making connections.


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