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Minor clarifications to redo install instructions.

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Avery Pennarun 2 years ago
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@ -11,14 +11,23 @@ This version, sometimes called apenwarr/redo, is probably the most advanced
one, including parallel builds, improved logging, extensive automated tests,
and helpful debugging features.
To build and test redo, run `./do -j10 test`. To install it, run
`DESTDIR=/tmp/testinstall PREFIX=/usr/local ./do -j10 install`.
To build and test redo, run:
./do -j10 test
To install it, run something like this:
DESTDIR= PREFIX=/usr/local ./do -j10 install
- View the [documentation]( via
- Visit the [source code]( on github
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mailing list ([archives](
mailing list ([archives](
You can subscribe by sending any email message to
`` (note the plus sign).
`` (note the plus sign). You can
send questions or feedback (with or without subscribing) by sending
messages to ``.

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@ -26,13 +26,13 @@ If the tests pass, you can either add $PWD/redo/bin to your PATH, or install
redo on your system. To install for all users, put it in /usr/local:
PREFIX=/usr/local sudo ./redo install
DESTDIR= PREFIX=/usr/local sudo ./do install
Or to install it just for yourself (without needing root access), put it in
your home directory:
PREFIX=$HOME ./redo install
DESTDIR= PREFIX=$HOME ./do install