526 Commits (main)

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  Ankur Kothari 8b2a4e9c37 Fix typo in docs: "an C" should be "in C" 9 months ago
  Raphael Das Gupta f75b69f063 fix typo / grammar in docs landing page 11 months ago
  Aidan Holm 3f6e5f5e70 Fix typo. 11 months ago
  Avery Pennarun 670abbe305 jobserver.py: _try_read()'s alarm timeout needs to throw an exception. 8 months ago
  Avery Pennarun aa920f12ed jobserver.py: fix very rare python3 failure reported by a user. 8 months ago
  Avery Pennarun c1054a5902 t/110-compile: remove hard dependency on /usr/include/stdio.h. 8 months ago
  Avery Pennarun a60949135d Merge branch 'doc_install_sudo' of git://github.com/BlameJohnny/redo 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 68d355178e Merge: Add compatibility to Python 3 (and retain Python 2) 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 92f86fc022 docs/cookbook/c: missing quote char. 1 year ago
  Johnny Lind 94e9ee60d2 GettingStarted.md: Add -E option to sudo to preserve environment 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell be3bda885d Remove python<3.0 restriction in setup.py 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell a8fd6a123c Make compatible to BeautifulSoup4 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell 5953729a44 Accept octal representations of Python 2 (0nnn) and Python 3 (0onnn) 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell 7f2d04d5ff Prevent iterator being changed while iterating 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell efab08fc9f Python 2/3 compatible treatment of max(n, None) 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell 52a8ca25b2 Prevent "Exception ... ignored" in `redo-log ... | head` 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell e239820afd Distinguish byte (python2 str type) and unicode strings (python 3 str type) 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell 0d8d19437e Set file descriptor as inheritable for all pythons >=3.4 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell 62845688e5 Unify print function usage for Python 2 and 3 via __future__ import 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell 491040ea72 Run 2to3 utility 1 year ago
  Moritz Lell e8d4809bc5 Remove python interpreter selection 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun b08b5efcef t/shelltest.od: Add a new preliminary test for IFS= behaviour. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 262d272f29 t/103-unicode: workaround unicode normalization on newer macOS. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun bc9cc75bc6 Disable docker container test from toplevel 'redo test' 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 8924fa35fa Oops, redo/whichpython.do would fail if python2.7 didn't exist. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 12b0d59b9f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/experimental/dockrepo' 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun fb0a5bd69c Fix more problems with "/usr/bin/env python" picking python3. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 2e4d3d518e cookbook/container/default.sha256.do: use explicit close_fds=False. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 1ff5262124 redoconf/configure.sh: use "cmp -s" to silence output. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 4b01cdd9b5 Fix minor pylint warnings. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 5684142f11 redo-log: "(resumed)" lines didn't print as often as they should. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 642d6fa193 Unset CDPATH if it is set. 1 year ago
  Avery Pennarun 7238b370e4 builder.py: create temp log file in the same directory as the final one. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun e24e045a07 docs/cookbook/redoconf-simple: a simple redoconf C++ project. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 7845f6ddde docs/cookbook/container: update docker image builder. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 2bea74df35 Work around ancient shells where >$3 does not implicitly quote $3. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 7895c947d5 shelltest.od: warning 84 (W84) triggered on *all* shells, not just posh. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 0dcc685739 Minor clarifications to redo install instructions. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun cead02bd21 redo-log: sometimes print a (resumed) line after ending a level of recursion. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun b196315222 Change -x/-v to only affect top-level targets by default, not recursively. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 7b4e3326bd logs.py: don't print (unchanged) lines with --no-log unless DEBUG. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 3071d13416 Merge branch 'redoconf' 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 1a3c11f220 redoconf: a stub rc_include() now sources ./redoconf.rc automatically. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 49f85f2156 redoconf: assorted minor fixes. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 1e2fc9be8a Merge branch 'master' into redoconf 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 63230a1ae3 builder.py: atomically replace the log for a given target. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 8a97b0cb2c redo-ifchange regression: if REDO_LOG is not set, assume it's 1. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 83bc49512f Explicitly reject target/source filenames with newlines in them. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun e5a27f04e8 If redo searched all the way up to /default.do, it would run ./default.do instead. 2 years ago
  Avery Pennarun 90989d1ffb Overridden files were accidentally getting reclassified as static. 2 years ago