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exec >&2
: ${INSTALL:=install}
: ${PREFIX:=/usr}
: ${MANDIR:=$DESTDIR$PREFIX/share/man}
: ${DOCDIR:=$DESTDIR$PREFIX/share/doc/redo}
if [ "$DESTDIR" = "NONE" ]; then
echo "$0: fatal: set DESTDIR before trying to install."
exit 99
redo-ifchange all redo/whichpython
read py <redo/whichpython
echo "Installing to: $DESTDIR$PREFIX"
# make dirs
"$INSTALL" -d "$MANDIR/man1" "$DOCDIR" "$BINDIR" \
"$LIBDIR" "$LIBDIR/version"
# docs
for d in docs/*.1; do
[ "$d" = "docs/*.1" ] && continue
"$INSTALL" -m 0644 $d "$MANDIR/man1"
"$INSTALL" -m 0644 "$DOCDIR"
# .py files (precompiled to .pyc files for speed)
"$INSTALL" -m 0644 redo/*.py "$LIBDIR/"
"$INSTALL" -m 0644 redo/version/*.py "$LIBDIR/version/"
"$py" -mcompileall "$LIBDIR"
# It's important for the file to actually be named 'sh'. Some shells (like
# bash and zsh) only go into POSIX-compatible mode if they have that name.
cp -R redo/sh "$LIBDIR/sh"
# binaries
bins=$(ls bin/redo* | grep '^bin/redo[-a-z]*$')
"$INSTALL" -m 0755 $bins "$BINDIR/"