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#compdef ag
# Completion function for zsh
local ret=1
local -a args expl
# Intentionally avoided many possible mutual exlusions because it is
# likely that earlier options come from an alias. In line with this
# the following conditionally adds options that assert defaults.
[[ -n $words[(r)(-[is]|--ignore-case|--case-sensitive)] ]] && args+=(
'(-S --smart-case -s -s --ignore-case --case-sensitive)'{-S,--smart-case}'[insensitive match unless pattern includes uppercase]'
[[ -n $words[(r)--nobreak] ]] && args+=(
"(--nobreak)--break[print newlines between matches in different files]"
[[ -n $words[(r)--nogroup] ]] && args+=(
"(--nogroup)--group[don't repeat filename for each match line]"
_tags normal-options file-types
while _tags; do
_requested normal-options && _arguments -S -s $args \
'--ackmate[print results in AckMate-parseable format]' \
'(--after -A)'{--after=-,-A+}'[specify lines of trailing context]::lines [2]' \
'(--before -B)'{--before=-,-B+}'[specify lines of leading context]::lines [2]' \
"--nobreak[don't print newlines between matches in different files]" \
'(--count -c)'{--count,-c}'[only print a count of matching lines]' \
'--color[enable color highlighting of output]' \
'(--color-line-number --color-match --color-path)--nocolor[disable color highlighting of output]' \
'--color-line-number=[specify color for line numbers]:color [1;33]' \
'--color-match=[specify color for result match numbers]:color [30;43]' \
'--color-path=[specify color for path names]:color [1;32]' \
'--column[print column numbers in results]' \
'(--context -C)'{--context=-,-C+}'[specify lines of context]::lines' \
'(--debug -D)'{--debug,-D}'[output debug information]' \
'--depth=[specify directory levels to descend when searching]:levels [25]' \
'(--noheading)--nofilename[suppress printing of filenames]' \
'(-f --follow)'{-f,--follow}'[follow symlinks]' \
'(-F --fixed-strings --literal -Q)'{--fixed-strings,-F,--literal,-Q}'[use literal strings]' \
'--nogroup[repeat filename for each match line]' \
'(1 -G --file-search-regex)-g+[print filenames matching a pattern]:regex' \
'(-G --file-search-regex)'{-G+,--file-search-regex=}'[limit search to filenames matching pattern]:regex' \
'(-H --heading --noheading)'{-H,--heading}'[print filename with each match]' \
'(-H --heading --noheading --nofilename)--noheading[suppress printing of filenames]' \
'--hidden[search hidden files (obeying .*ignore files)]' \
{--ignore=,--ignore-dir=}'[ignore files/directories matching pattern]:regex' \
'(-i --ignore-case)'{-i,--ignore-case}'[match case-insensitively]' \
'(-l --files-with-matches)'{-l,--files-with-matches}"[output matching files' names only]" \
'(-L --files-without-matches)'{-L,--files-without-matches}"[output non-matching files' names only]" \
'(--max-count -m)'{--max-count=,-m+}'[stop after specified no of matches in each file]:max number of matches' \
'--numbers[prefix output with line numbers, even for streams]' \
'--nonumbers[suppress printing of line numbers]' \
'(--only-matching -o)'{--only-matching,-o}'[show only matching part of line]' \
'(-p --path-to-ignore)'{-p+,--path-to-ignore=}'[use specified .ignore file]:file:_files' \
'--print-long-lines[print matches on very long lines]' \
"--passthrough[when searching a stream, print all lines even if they don't match]" \
'(-s --case-sensitive)'{-s,--case-sensitive}'[match case]' \
'--silent[suppress all log messages, including errors]' \
'(--stats-only)--stats[print stats (files scanned, time taken, etc.)]' \
'(--stats)--stats-only[print stats and nothing else]' \
'(-U --skip-vcs-ignores)'{-U,--skip-vcs-ignores}'[ignore VCS files (stil obey .ignore)]' \
'(-v --invert-match)'{-v,--invert-match}'[select non-matching lines]' \
'--vimgrep[output results like vim :vimgrep /pattern/g would]' \
'(-w --word-regexp)'{-w,--word-regexp}'[force pattern to match only whole words]' \
'(-z --search-zip)'{-z,--search-zip}'[search contents of compressed files]' \
'(-0 --null)'{-0,--null}'[separate filenames with null]' \
': :_guard "^-*" pattern' \
'*:file:_files' \
'(- :)--list-file-types[list supported file types]' \
'(- :)'{-h,--help}'[display help information]' \
'(- :)'{-V,--version}'[display version information]' \
- '(ignores)' \
'(-a --all-types)'{-a,--all-types}'[search all files]' \
'--search-binary[search binary files for matches]' \
{-t,--all-text}'[search all text files (not including hidden files)]' \
{-u,--unrestricted}'[search all files]' && ret=0
_requested file-types && { ! zstyle -T ":completion:${curcontext}:options" prefix-needed ||
[[ -prefix - ]] } && _all_labels file-types expl 'file type' \
compadd - ${(M)$(_call_program file-types $words[1] --list-file-types):#--*} && ret=0
(( ret )) || break
return ret